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What is (and isn't) Included in a Commercial Remodel

Modernizing, updating, and beautifying spaces is a must, but remodeling can be daunting. Done well, it transforms a space, creating a functional and welcoming environment for those who use it. Without that planning, it can be an expensive mistake.

Proper remodeling requires careful planning and coordination. It means bringing together the property owner, tenant, and the construction general contractor to ensure that everyone clearly communicates the project's goals and expectations.

A significant component of ensuring everyone understands the project's goals and expectations is having a clear scope of what will be completed by the hired professionals. With this information, a project has a better chance of being completed on time and within budget.

Let's break down how to calculate the cost of a commercial remodel, including materials, demo services, permitting, and more.

Understanding the Basics of Commercial Remodeling with a General Contractor

Commercial remodeling is a process that can include anything needed to transform the property in a way that makes it a better fit for the owner or those using the space. There are multiple components to this process. Here are some core areas to understand.

Commercial Remodeling Defined

Remodeling typically means tearing down and rebuilding the details of the project without comprehensively rebuilding walls and structural components. A remodel could include adding space but does not involve a complete rebuild. It may consist of retrofitting the space to meet new needs.

General Contractors

The general contractor on the project is the go-to professional overseeing the entire process. General contractors help to bring together teams to ensure the work is progressing as it should. They handle communication with the property owner and the project manager while also helping to minimize problems. The contractor should understand every aspect of the project.

Renovation Costs

Renovations costs get estimated at the start of any project. There are times when this information may need to be more accurate due to changing prices. Other times, hidden problems not fully recognized at the onset of a project can alter estimated costs. Renovation costs can be confusing because many people may not know everything it takes to complete the job.

What Does a Commercial Remodel Include?

Every project is different. A well-thought-out plan and quote will outline the estimated renovation costs. Most of the time, the general contractor will include the following in the commercial remodel:

  • Inclusions/exclusions: Outlines all the projects they will complete within the remodel. It is a checklist of expectations and goals for the project and should be carefully reviewed to ensure it is accurate and thorough.

  • Scope and finish schedule: The quote for a remodel will outline what the project entails, including a complete description of what can expect and the details, such as the materials used or the style choices selected.

  • Construction material costs: The construction material costs include estimates for the project based on the information available. It is essential to know that these costs are estimates and can change over time if the material is unavailable or prices change significantly.

  • Demolition services: Most commercial remodel projects will include demolition services if needed. The extent of this is often clearly outlined by the general contractor. Be sure to understand what they will demolish and, more importantly, what won't be.

What Details Should Be Planned Separately in a Commercial Remodel?

Before starting a remodeling project, there should be a level of understanding that some costs are separate from what a general contractor will be paid to do. Some of the things typically not included in a commercial remodel include:

  • Add-ons: Changes to the scope or adding on new elements, design features, or elements will alter the cost of any project. Only the items listed in the quote will be the work they will do.

  • Extra services: Various services could be beneficial, though if they are included in the quote, they are typically not offered. That includes things like move-in cleanings or design services.

  • Permit fits: In situations where there is a need for a permit, the permitting fees are typically additional costs, not included in the estimate, as they vary by municipality.

  • Subcontractor costs: Any subcontractor costs can be added if the work changes or exceeds what is listed in the quote.

5 Benefits of Hiring a General Contractor for Your Remodel

There are some outstanding benefits to using a general contractor for all remodeling:

  1. The general contractor's experience helps minimize problems and ensures the best possible outcome.

  2. Experts in remodeling projects help to avoid costly mistakes or building inspection challenges that are very common.

  3. Ultimately, time and cost savings are associated with using a general contractor.

  4. General contractors can minimize frustrations and help provide peace of mind, knowing the project is going well.

  5. These professionals can offer insight and opinions about design and project concerns, which could help you to get new ideas for even better improvements.

How to Choose the Right General Contractor for Your Remodel Project

Learn as much as possible about the available general contractors for the remodeling you plan to do. Research is critical because this professional will be one of the most impactful when it involves completing your project, keeping renovation costs in line with your goals, and ensuring the best outcome.

A good starting point is to research contractors both online and offline. Create a list of a few professionals to interview and then discuss with them what the project will entail. Does the professional make time to answer questions? Do you feel reassured that the process will go well?

Get Professional Assistance for Your Next Remodel

Remodeling does not have to be a chore. It can be an exciting opportunity to work on transforming your commercial building into a space where you want to spend time. For that to happen, you need the right professional to help you. Count on Buildout Pros to help you through the process.

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