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Renovation, Remodeling, & Redesign: What's the Difference?

At every stage of the buildout process, it’s essential to communicate clearly with your contractor. Unfortunately for many clients, communication is challenging due to a lack of knowledge regarding common industry terms. After all, terms like “renovation,” “remodel,” and “redesign” are all mistakenly used interchangeably, and as a result, conversations can get very confusing.

For business owners who plan to update their commercial space, understanding the difference between these three terms is crucial. Still unsure about the difference between renovation, remodeling, and redesign? Here’s what you need to know to brush up on your vocab before the next contractor meeting.


A redesign is the simplest solution of the three “R” terms. Essentially, a redesign involves changing a space from an interior decorating perspective. Updating artwork, changing furniture, buying new rugs, or repainting the walls all fall under the redesign umbrella.

Benefits of a Redesign

- Budget Friendly: Instead of spending your entire budget on costly materials for an in-depth remodel, refresh the décor before you start knocking down walls. Often, a new area rug and some indoor plants will work wonders for a lackluster office space.

- Non-Intrusive: Redesigning a space is much less invasive from a business perspective. If you’re reluctant to disrupt your office by pursuing a remodel, a redesign may give your space a pick-me-up without subjecting employees to working in a construction zone.

- Quick: From hiring an interior decorator to placing the final touches, a redesign zips past in a matter of weeks. If you’re hoping for fast results, a redesign might be the right option for you.


A renovation is a great solution for businesses with an older space that needs to be updated. Renovations are typically more involved than redesigns since they often entail replacing fixtures or restoring original features. However, unlike a remodel, a renovation doesn’t change the function of a space, but instead restores the space and adds custom elements.

Benefits of a Renovation

- Custom Finishes: A renovation is an opportunity to put your unique stamp on a space. This is especially crucial for commercial spaces since it differentiates your business from the competition and highlights your brand. Finishes like lighting, tiling, and flooring all contribute to a space’s overall impact.

- Updated Technology: A renovation is a perfect opportunity to switch out old computers, update systems, and invest in new devices. This will increase your productivity and ensure your business stays relevant.

- Reduced Environmental Impact: A simple upgrade to a new HVAC system or new lighting solutions will significantly decrease your carbon footprint. Plus, upgrading to more environmentally friendly solutions will help your business save money in the long run.


A remodel is a total overhaul of a space, including the structural elements. A remodel is a much more drastic solution than a redesign or renovation, which is why it’s a fantastic choice if you want to create a fully custom office. Since remodels are much more involved, it’s likely you’ll have to secure permits before you begin construction and the process will be more disruptive to workflow.

Benefits of a Remodel

- Fully Personalized Space: Create an office space that’s perfectly tailored to suit your business needs. Whether you’re designing a corporate office, medical facility, or beauty business; remodeling your space gives you full autonomy when it comes to the layout and function.

- Room to Grow: A remodel gives you leeway to expand your space or change the layout to promote growth and new business opportunities. Create a design that will support your business both now and in the future.

- Increased Employee Comfort: Ensure your employees work in a space that prioritizes productivity and comfort. Invest in employee satisfaction by including dedicated lounges or conference rooms to encourage employee creativity and well-being.

Working with Buildout Pros

Whether you’re planning a redesign, renovation, or remodel, Buildout Pros is your go-to solution for all your construction needs. At Buildout Pros we value end-to-end client communication and transparency. From the design phase to construction, to service and maintenance, we are dedicated to providing the best possible services at rates you can afford. Ready to start on your buildout journey? Contact us today for an initial consultation.

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