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Six Signs That It’s Time to Remodel Your Company’s Office

An ideal office should reflect your brand and provide employees with a comfortable space to collaborate. Unfortunately, many businesses are based in offices that are outdated, shabby, and downright unpleasant. While you might become accustomed to inconvenient conference spaces or carpet from the ‘70s, in the long run, an outdated office can negatively affect your business’s productivity, morale, and growth.

Think you might be due for an office overhaul? Here are six signs it’s time for your company to invest in an office update.

#1 There’s Visible Wear and Tear

If your office is literally falling apart, it’s time to invest in a remodel. Signs of visible wear and tear might include peeling paint, threadbare carpeting, leaks in the roof, and worn-down furniture. While it may be easy to turn a blind eye to cosmetic damage, you don’t want to leave problems too long and end up needing to fix structural issues down the road. Visible wear and tear should be your first sign that it’s time to breathe new life into your office space.

#2 You Never Bring New Clients to the Office

Do you always request to meet at your client’s office instead of your own? If you’re constantly avoiding your own office space, it’s time to examine the reasons behind your aversion. Reluctance to bring new prospects to your headquarters is a sign that you’re not feeling confident about your office in general. Your office should be a hub where you feel comfortable, at home, and assured, and bringing clients into your business should never incite feelings of self-consciousness or embarrassment.

#3 Your Employees are Uncomfortable

Employee satisfaction is paramount for running a successful business, which is why it’s essential to pay attention to employee feedback regarding your office space. If employees are uncomfortable or lack the resources they require to produce their best work, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Part of a remodel might include updating or constructing employee breakrooms or lounge spaces, providing updated office furniture, and ensuring conference spaces are functional and accessible. Ask your employees if they have any top priorities for a remodel, and take their feedback into account when prioritizing tasks. With updated amenities and increased space to nurture creativity and collaboration, your employees will soon excel.

#4 The Office Space Doesn’t Represent Your Brand

In addition to providing a comfortable work environment, your office space is an opportunity to emphasize your brand. A generic office space that lacks individuality won’t entice new prospects to invest in your products.

Think of your office as another marketing tool. Feature your logo, incorporate brand-specific color schemes, and offer prospects a chance to interact with your products. Transform your drab office into a sleek and updated space that reflects your brand and demonstrates investment in your company’s future.

#5 Your Utility Bills Are Too High

Old HVAC and lighting systems often contribute to inflated energy bills. If your utility bills are steadily increasing, it may be time to update the underlying cause. While it might seem counterintuitive to spend more money installing new systems, in the long run, you’ll end up saving on monthly energy bills and reduce your environmental impact to boot.

#6 You’re Running Out of Space

Of all the office problems to have, this is certainly one of the best. If business has been going well and your company is growing, you might find that your once-roomy office is starting to feel a bit cramped. There’s only so much rearranging you can do to maximize your space and, at a certain point, it’s time to invest in a remodel. A remodel will increase your space by adding more square footage, and will optimize your current floorplan by changing structural elements of the layout.

Partnering with Buildout Pros

At Buildout Pros we specialize in providing our clients with high-quality office renovations and remodels. With years of experience in commercial build-outs, our team is here to work with you every step of the way. From the design phase to construction, to the finishing touches and ongoing maintenance, we are dedicated to providing end-to-end service for all our projects. Plus, our client portal allows you to track progress in real-time and maintain communication with our contractors. Ready to build the office space of your dreams? Contact Buildout Pros today.

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