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What is the Office Build Out Construction Process?

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

The office build out process is an exciting first step in establishing your brick-and-mortar business. From selecting the layout, to crafting a budget, to hiring contractors, building out your office space takes time and attention to detail. With the right guidance and project management, you’ll turn your blank office space into a personalized, efficient work environment. Getting Started: What You Need to Know About Build-Outs Since there are so many boxes to check, getting started with your office build-out process can be intimidating. Luckily, with some planning and organization, building the perfect office for your team is a straightforward process. Location In general, the office build-out negotiation starts as a conversation between the tenant and the landlord. When you select the office space you’re going to lease, you need to be on the same page with the owner about any modifications you’re going to make, as well as negotiating payment for the project. Some landlords view build-outs as adding to the value of their space, and may offer to cover part of the cost. Design and Budget Once you have your location selected, it’s time to start designing your new space. The design process is where you make decisions about customizing a space that aligns with your company culture, workplace goals, and functional needs. In some cases you might want to work with an architect or contractor to help you envision the layout. During this phase you’ll also need to establish a budget, so you know how much you have to invest in the build-out process. Contractors Finally, you’ll need to hire a team to make your vision a reality. Selecting the right contractor is about finding a team within your budget who meshes with your vision and understands your goals. Remember, you might consider bids from various contractors before you find the right fit. The Construction Process—What to Expect Once you have your plans drawn up, your team assembled, and permission from the landlord to make alternations, you can commence the construction phase of your build-out. Although every build out scenario is unique, here are a few stages to expect once the build-out is underway: Demolition Out with the old and in with the new! The first part of your build-out journey entails removing any superfluous or damaged infrastructure from inside the office space. From old cubicles to outdated kitchen areas, the demolition process strips down the office so the build-out can start from a clean slate. Installation The installation process encompasses many elements including erecting drywall, modifying structural elements, fitting new filing cabinets and cubicles, and installing new furniture. When new appliances and structural elements are fitted, you’ll see the office start to take shape. The length of the installation process varies depending on the extent of the build-out and the amount of new construction that needs to take place. Electrical and Plumbing Part of the build-out process includes installing electrical features and adding plumbing to the space. If you have specific needs for your electrical elements, make sure they are installed by an electrician to avoid hazards. Nowadays many offices include charging stations for phones and tablets, and excess outlets for laptop use around the space. Providing these resources to workers improves the overall functionality. Finishes The finishing touches are elements like lighting fixtures, artwork, logos and company signs. The finishes should transform the space from functional to comfortable. Personalizing your office space by adding finishes creates a dynamic and unique environment and encourages individuality and creativity in your employees. Your office should reflect the spirit of your company, not just provide a place to get work done. The Punch List The final step to the build-out process is preparing a punch list. Once the project is complete, you and the contractors will take a final walkthrough to evaluate if anything needs to be amended. The punch list is an overview of any unfinished elements or missing details. The contractor needs to resolve all items on the punch list before they receive the final payment. Create Your Dream Office with Build Out Pros At Buildout Pros, our customer-oriented philosophy places client satisfaction at the forefront of all our projects. We are dedicated to working with each customer to provide custom office renovations, remodels, and designs. With our communication skills and expertise in office construction, we are committed to providing a high-quality experience for our clients from start to finish. If you’re planning on updating your office space, contact Build Out Pros to get your quote today.

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