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4 Tips for Moving Your Medical Practice

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Redesigning and renovating a medical office can be a daunting task, especially if this is your first time moving. However, with a well-designed plan and close attention to detail, your design can go a long way toward improved workflow and patient and team satisfaction and interaction. Before you begin, read these 4 tips to help create your new future office design for meaningful and efficient patient visits.

First Impressions

Going to a medical office can sometimes make patients anxious. The current design trend for medical practices is to create an atmosphere like that of a hotel lobby — warm and inviting. Adding positive distractions will help reduce whatever apprehension your patients might have about the visit. For example, using soft lighting, simple and comfortable furniture, warm colors, and appealing artwork can make your space seem more spacious and cozy. The ideal size for a waiting room should also take into consideration the number of physicians in the practice, visitor volume, and overall efficiency of the practice. If your practice includes children, you can build a space for them to play in while they wait for their appointment.

Team Stations

Your patients aren’t the only ones moving with you — so is your staff. Keep in mind not only yours but their own comfortability with the new space whether it be at a medical station or traveling between exam rooms alongside patient flow. Including a break room for your team can give them space to relax during the day. It’s important to let them know you care about them, too. Adding positive messages on a whiteboard or including a snack table can also boost team morale and overall company happiness.

The Ideal Exam Room

It’s important to consider privacy when it comes to designing your medical practice. Giving patients a feeling of safety and confidentiality will increase their trust with you and encourage them to return. The layout should be flexible yet simple and identical enough to meet changing needs while also making it easy for your staff to find materials. Basic exam room necessities also include cabinets, sinks, chairs, desks, exam tables, lights, and waste containers.

Budget, Notification, and Location

Of course, don’t forget to ensure correct budget calculations when looking for a new office space. Be sure to take into consideration expenses such as insurance, permits, design construction and rent or lease. Keep in mind to also notify your patients and payers (i.e. Medicare, HR, payroll and answering services, waste disposal, mail, etc.) well in advance of your relocation. This will keep them updated about your change of address and prevent any loss of payment deadlines. Don’t forget about your social media pages, too! Call and email patients and any connection you may have with your practice. Communication with your followers is important in any business, especially in the event of relocation.

At Buildout Pros, we are familiar and experienced with handling special, state-of-the-art dental equipment and industry specific needs for x-rays, exam rooms, and patient waiting rooms. Our team is committed to the comfort of your patients and the importance of a timely build and quality work. Give us a call: 888.453.1650 or check us out at!

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