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4 Steps for Building Out Your Dental Practice

Are you thinking about building out your dental practice? If so, you’re probably wondering where to begin. Making the decision to build out an office isn’t one that can be taken lightly, and can require months or years of planning, on top of a costly investment. Yet more seats to work means more business, and the benefits of building out your space can pay for themselves in the long run. In this blog, we explore the four steps you will need to take for building out your dental practice.

#1: Site Evaluation Whether you are looking to build out a new space, or change your existing dental practice, there are several considerations you will need to make regarding the layout and capabilities of your location. Dental practices, like other medical facilities, have unique special requirements that must be taken into consideration. Discussing these topics with your contractor will provide your business with the best results.

●Utilities are costly to change – does the location have access to public water, natural gas, and enough electricity to run your equipment? ●The shape of existing rooms and hallways needs to be sufficient to hold operatory chairs, x-ray rooms, administrative space, and a waiting area. Will maximizing the number of seats impact other aspects of your business from a spatial perspective? ●Storage is key for housing all of the equipment you need to go about your business. Your space design needs to be optimized for easy access for these tools. Remember that the space that you are building out for your dental practice is just as important as its functionality.

#2: Dental Buildout Floorplan Design Using the information gathered from the site evaluation stage, you should have all of the information you need to begin designing your floorplan. Blueprints are typically devised by a contractor, but rely on your input to ensure that the space meets your requirements. Dental buildout specialists are the best equipped to handle your floorplan design, as they understand the unique requirements for space, as well as the ability to handle equipment as it is being installed. From a business perspective, available seats and functionality are important, but many successful practices also consider the experience of visiting the dentist. To generate loyal customers, providing a comfortable space for patients, especially those who are afraid of going to the dentist, is critical.

#3: Dental Buildout Construction Budget With the plans in place, your contractor will be able to draw up a rough estimate of the budget for your construction project. Factors that influence this include:

●Total square footage ●Specialty and scope of your practice ●Building new vs. renovating building ●Exterior changes

Remember that renovating an existing space will generally be less expensive than building new. It also means you can begin using your new space much faster. Budgeting along with your contractor can help you cut costs and get the build you’re looking for at a cost that works for your business.

#4: Construction Timeline and Physical Buildout As you begin to build out your dental practice, two things will inevitably be top of mind: cost and timelines. Depending on the scope of your project, these can vary widely, but typically takes a few months to complete for most buildouts.

Because of the costs and time constraints, most opt to do buildouts rather than completely new construction. This is an optimal way to increase business without stressing your cash flow. One mistake dental practices make is constructing a new building only to find that they can only afford a building of the same size in a newer facility.

Summary What is the motivation behind your buildout? Are you looking to add more seats, or offer new services to your clientele? Does your existing space allow for a buildout, or will you require a new building? These questions are all critical to your process, and should be carefully considered before breaking ground.

Buildout Pros offers the best dental buildouts around your business. With decades of experience, we have the tools and know-how to manage the perfect dental buildout to help you generate more business and keep your customers satisfied. Contact us today for more information about our services, or browse our gallery of dental buildouts here.

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