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When is the Best Time for a Construction Buildout?

If you are hoping to expand or redo your current office space, the buildout process is an exciting opportunity for growth. Office buildouts improve, update, and reimagine work environments so employees have a more functional space for collaboration and inspiration. From dental offices, to medical facilities, to corporate spaces, transforming your office space improves productivity and enhances employee happiness.

But a lengthy construction buildout is tricky to fit into a company’s busy schedule. Whether you’re moving to a new location or renovating an existing one, the most essential part of the buildout process is to create an effective timeline. But when is the best time to start your construction buildout process? Here are our suggestions on when (and how) to get started.

Step 1: Find a Contractor

The first step in your buildout journey is to find a contractor. Generally, it’s best to look for contractors in the off-season when construction companies don’t have as much going on. Many popular construction companies are busiest during the spring and summer months so your top choices may be fully booked.

Avoid the stress of finding a contractor last-minute by booking far in advance. For a springtime start, it’s best to secure contractors in the fall or winter. Similarly, for a fall project you should be looking for a contractor in the spring. This way, you have plenty of time to plan ahead and won’t need to worry about competitive prices and lack of availability.

Step 2: Create a Timeline

Although buildout timelines often shift during the process, it’s essential to have a roadmap when you get started. This helps you manage all the elements of your project and anticipate a realistic schedule for completion.

Ideally, you will also factor in seasonal weather patterns to determine the best time to complete certain stages of the work. Geographical location plays a big role in your office buildout process. Take into consideration likely seasonal complications and how they may impact the timeliness of a project. Your contractor can help you through navigating a tricky construction schedule.

Step 3: Make a Budget

Your budget largely depends on the scale of your buildout, the contractor you use, and the timing of the work. In general, it’s more budget-friendly to plan ahead since last-minute work can rack up a hefty price tag. Additionally, it’s helpful to secure estimates on work well in advance so you aren’t surprised by any additional costs.

A budget should include elements like materials and labor cost as well as the impact this project may have on your business’s ability to function during construction. Be as communicative as possible with your contractor to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Outdoor Construction

Outdoor construction (e.g. adding to an existing office space or erecting a new building) is often more labor intensive and takes longer to complete. Since your contractors are outside, they are also more severely impacted by weather patterns and seasonal factors. For this reason we recommend starting your outdoor projects in the spring. This way, you avoid the complications of inclement winter weather, and if the project runs long, you can continue work into the summer months.

Starting in the spring also gives you plenty of time to research, budget, and plan the whole process over the winter. Spring is the most popular time to start construction projects, so it’s important to plan ahead and hire your construction team well in advance.

Indoor Projects

Indoor projects are usually smaller-scale and have more manageable workloads than outdoor projects. Since weather isn’t a factor, we recommend starting indoor projects in the fall. The fall is a slower time of year for construction companies, so you’re likely to get a better bang for your


Working with Buildout Pros on the Perfect Design

Buildout Pros is a design and build company combining nationwide service with local presence. Our goal is to help your business shine by integrating unique design elements with updated features to transform your space. At Buildout Pros, customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. We design custom spaces for many industries including: medical facilities, dental offices, corporate offices and hospitality businesses. We provide an end-to-end client experience where transparency is our #1 priority. Interested in transforming your office space? Contact Buildout Pros to get your quote today.

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