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Medical Office Space Trends You Need to Know in 2022

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, medical offices have had to adapt to a new normal. Unlike other professional sectors that suffered recession and job loss due to the pandemic, the demand for medical offices and services has only increased. This has led to many offices expanding existing spaces, renovating waiting areas, and adding flexible work areas for employees. For medical groups planning to expand or renovate their office space, 2022 is an exciting time to be in the market. Here are our top medical office space trends you need to know to grow your practice in 2022. A Changing Demographic While telehealth became a household solution for minor ailments and routine appointments during the pandemic, there’s still a need for accessible in-person care facilities. As the baby boomer generation ages, medical offices will need to ensure they have the proper infrastructure for increased in-person visits. Telehealth will continue to be a viable solution for many patients, but some individuals, particularly seniors, will prefer to have in-person care. Telehealth Infrastructure Telehealth will continue to be a popular choice for many patients seeking swift, hassle-free doctor visits. Since telehealth is here to stay, medical facilities need to ensure they have the proper infrastructure to support routine telehealth appointments alongside in-person visits. -Telehealth-Specific Technology – Dedicate specific exam rooms or office areas to telehealth appointments. These spaces should be outfitted with high-speed internet connection and video call capabilities so doctors and nurses can easily connect to patients online. ​ -Professional Design – Add a pleasant, professional background to your telehealth area. Remember, the area needs to be private and distraction-free, so patients feel comfortable sharing personal health information. ​ -Patient Portals – Consider implementing patient portals into your practice. Online hubs for patients to access telehealth appointments, check test results, or submit questions to caregivers are becoming the new norm for many practices. Comfortable Waiting Rooms Since many patients still prefer to visit your offices in person, it’s essential to provide comfortable waiting areas. During the pandemic, medical offices drastically altered their waiting areas to accommodate social distancing protocols, and these trends are here to stay. Offer widely spaced, comfortable seating within sight of the reception desk. If the space allows, demarcate

“sick” and “well” waiting areas, so contagious patients are separated from others.​ Since many waiting rooms no longer offer the customary stack of magazines (these are high- touch items) consider installing phone charging areas for patients using mobile devices. This isn’t strictly necessary, but provides comfort and convenience during the wait time. Versatile Employee Areas Keeping caregivers happy and comfortable is more important than ever with medical facilities stretched thin to provide sufficient care. Employee areas should facilitate relaxation, while still providing flexible work stations and meeting areas. -Make it Bright – Try to incorporate as much natural light as possible in employee lounge areas. Natural light is rejuvenating and might be a welcome relief during a busy day.​ -Add Coworking Stations – Many medical employees don’t have a dedicated office space. In order to accommodate collaborative work, employee lounges should include comfortable chairs, ample work surfaces, and charging stations so employees have a place to complete tasks. Clear Wayfinding Information Wayfinding information is one of the most essential elements of a streamlined and well-designed medical office. In addition to general wayfinding information such as exits, restroom signs, and clearly labeled reception areas, it’s important to implement signage that provides COVID-19 guidelines to patients. These types of signs include: -Floor decals encouraging social distancing in the waiting room. -Signs identifying hand sanitizing stations. -Posters reminding patients of current COVID-19 precautions, such as mask mandates. Transforming Your Medical Office with Buildout Pros Updating your medical facility doesn’t need to be stressful. At Buildout Pros, we provide clients with customer-focused, innovative solutions to expand and update their medical facilities. Buildout Pros offers expertise and communication at every level of the construction process. From design, to construction, to routine maintenance, we are your go-to contractor for projects of all sizes. Our end-to-end transparency, high-quality craftsmanship, and budget-friendly solutions demonstrate our dedication to providing outstanding results to all our clients. Interested in improving your office space? Contact us today at to set up your free consultation.

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