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Is It Time To Update Your Office Space?

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

The savvy business owner of today recognizes what it takes to be successful in today’s competitive environment.  That often means not only hiring the right people, but providing these hard sought after assets with a workplace conducive to not only maintaining their ability to perform their jobs, but keep them content as well.  This often involves updating their work atmosphere that creates positivity and enjoyment of being.

Updates that we are seeing a lot of these days are:

Increasing office desk areas to accommodate more personnel.  We are often asked to redesign an area that can increase the desk areas to handle 40-50% more personnel in the same area.  To do this, we suggest getting rid of walls and cubicles and setting up open air spaces (don’t forget the power and network requirements).  Some companies at the forefront of this office space revolution have been proving this concept for some time now and have the numbers to support increased productivity as well as building the team concept.  We have recently been introduced to using a specialty paint that basically makes your walls chalkboards for dry erase markers…love the idea of monumentalizing great ideas (and not so great ones as well).

Incorporating work place entertainment areas – A gym would be great, but there are many other less expensive options if you have the space.  A ping-pong table or a TV or 2 with a game station goes a long way.

Modern cafeteria – A lot of companies today are providing modern looking and very functional cafeterias in the workplace.  This means incorporating something other than a table, chair and vending machine.  Commercial refrigerators for food storage, multiple commercial style microwaves that meet the demand of your workforce size who utilizes the space at one time as well as really nice/comfortable tables and chairs that make the team feel at home will go a long way.  Oh yea, don’t forget the color palette…bold is beautiful!

Small destress/relaxation areas – I’m a huge fan of the power nap.  A few recliners with small partitions between each one can offer a nice respite to the stresses of the day.  It’s a proven fact that a 20 minute power nap invigorates the mind to be more productive in the latter hours of the day.  This area should be in an out of the way area that has very little noise and disruptions from the craziness going on in the work area.

Lots of natural light – Where possible, upgrade your windows to open to the outdoors from floor to ceiling allowing as much natural light in as possible.  Only bats like the darkness and employees will be in a much better spirit even on rainy days.

Incorporate ergonomic work spaces – If you have ever sat at a desk in an uncomfortable chair even for 1 full day, you know the importance of good office furniture.  If someone if focused on squirming around all day and an achy back, they aren’t focused on their tasks at hand.  This is often said to be one of the largest reductions in workforce productivity and can be easily remedied. Facebook not taken into this statistic!

Although we often can’t afford the whole package, every little step helps us stay ahead of the competition by keeping our staff comfortable and safe and providing them with little perks that can go a long way.  Do what you can, when you can and you will keep every vital team member.

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